A few things people have said about our productions and camps. It makes me incredibly proud to share them.

"I entered the world of theatre roughly four years ago, as a quiet kid with a well-defined comfort zone. I had no acting related experience and was the last person anyone would ever expect to see up on a stage in the midst of a production. I believe that if my first acting experience had been with anyone else other than Kerri, I never would have been able to free myself from my own comfort zones and would not have found the success, and enjoyment that I have with acting today.
It takes a special type of person to bring the outgoing, spontaneous, and social side to the surface of someone who was previously more introverted, and shy. Kerri was undoubtedly that person for me. She turned an environment that could have easily been intimidating, and scary to a rookie like me (theatre camp) into something that was incredibly fun, and for four years consecutively has been the highlight of my summer. Kerri is an amazing person who is a joy to work with, and is continuously supportive of every single person that she has taken under her wing. I have worked with other directors over the span of my eight production acting career, and can easily say Kerri is in a league of her own...to the point where working with any other director feels like a sub-par, lacking experience."

-Brandon Hill (fourth year camper and company member)

"The summer intensive theatre camp has always been the highlight of my break. Everyone works so hard but we always have a ton of fun. The three weeks go by so quickly because the whole cast is such a tight knit family and I wish it could go on forever. Kerri is such a sweet person and a very talented director. She's always welcoming and brings out the best of everyone. Somehow she manages to create an amazing show in just three weeks, and that amazes me. We're very close and she's practically my second mother. I'm very fortunate to be a part of this camp, and my summer wouldn't be the same without it."        

  -Anya den Hartog (fifth year camper and company member)

" Edalene Theater is community theater at its finest. Kerri Leier masterfully executes showstopping productions in the most relaxed and playful way. I have been on a 20 year hiatus from film and television and being a part of Edalene Theatre and getting back on stage made me feel as passionate like I was a kid again ! I cannot recommend enough being involved with Kerri Leier and Edalene theater in anyway shape or form it's like one big happy family!"

-Suzanne Errett Balcom ( TV actress, Neon Rider. Company member, supporter of Edalene Theatre School, mentor and friend)