Welcome! Thanks for coming by – we are always happy to get a visit from long-time fans, company members and new friends.  Edalene was dedicated to producing theatre that inspired, entertained and gave youth and community members a chance to perform high-quality multiage shows. Edalene Theatre was and is committed to fostering an environment of equity and diversity. We encouraged submissions from artists of all genders, ethnicities, abilities and identities and our shows and choices reflect that. We aimed to create an environment of positivity, encouragement and creativity for all.

If you have interested in producing one of our original productions-please contact me. Both Jump! and Rumours make excellent high school and community shows and both had sold out runs in Canada and overseas! Jump! has arrangements and choreography materials that come with it, should you wish to perform it with your company. 

I am always looking for new projects, please contact me should you have an idea for a show, want to collaborate creating something new or are looking for sets/costumes to rent. 


The Gift of Time
This past year has been interesting and unique in many ways. It took much from many, and that should not be discounted or ignored. It took things from me, but it gave to me too.
I had the gift of time. Time to write, to be with my kids, to reconnect with old friends and to read, and dream and examine what I really wanted and needed out of my life, what to keep and what to let go.
This was often scary, Very difficult to face but important.
It seems it has come time to bid adieu to my beloved Edalene. I started Edalene to produce my first musical. It was a vehicle to showcase a beloved era, incredibly talented peers and celebrate my love for John Hughes. It was a way for an incredibly self conscious young woman to meet friends and perform in a safe environment, because she wasn’t sure if she was good enough to do so anywhere else.
It evolved, it grew, it became a haven for many. It produced 15 years worth of shows, several original productions and over a decade of a phenomenal camp that helped train and hold safe some tremendous human beings.
I have gotten to watch the early performances of Some of Canada’s most talented young performers and be part of 100’s of peoples stories. I got to surround my children with diverse and loving humans and cocoon myself in the safety of Edalene when my life became a place I needed to hide out from. I am profoundly grateful for being allowed the time and space to grow up and find myself with such amazing people by my side. I have made so many friends, many who are now more like family....
Edalene was the first theatre company to perform a musical on the Whittle stage, when we came to Wolfville there weren’t many other companies doing theatre that gave youth a voice. Now there are many and it’s time to step aside and allow others to step up to share their voices.
Edalene isn’t disappearing. Every once and awhile we may produce a show, or partner with another company to do so, or I may do work with a company ( as a director, actor, writer or consultant) but we won’t be the vehicle for youth theatre anymore, because they are strong enough, talented enough and brave enough to provide their own vehicle and need our support.
This year, what would have marked our 15th anniversary of Jump! Would have given me the chance to work with 25 absolutely phenomenal humans. I adore the cast we had assembled, and it was many of their last chance to perform in the valley before heading out into the world. Covid did take that from us. I hate hate hate that, but it wasn’t safe and so we made hard decisions. What remains is my love for them, my love of theatre and my belief that I will get to work with all of them in someway again. My hope is that Jump!, Rumours, and future writing will pop up in high schools, other local theatres and provide new groups of youth an avenue to tell a story that speaks to them and holds them safe like it did for me.
It’s time I figured out who I can be and what I have to offer outside of Edalene,
So I take a bow and clear the stage to make room for the next generation.

Past Productions

Check out our past productions, view pictures and see posters . We have grown a lot and invite you to join us and reflect on this journey. 


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 Director: Kerri Leier