Today Tracy, Melissa and I had a great meeting at TAN. We discussed camp business, sorted out issues and bounced ideas off each other for future endeavors.
Every once and awhile I will have a moment when I wish I took another direction-did the production stream at York, went to Sheridan etc....then I meet with these two ladies and realize how much I could have missed if I'd gone down that road. To find two other people that compliment and drive you to create and push yourself is so rare and that is what these ladies do for me.
Although we often have *ahem* "creative differences", we always manage to come together and create something amazing. I am so blessed to have these two women in my life and to be in a community that supports what we do.
As we embark on our fourth original production, I find myself taking stock of things and realizing how rare it is that we are able to do new works and get the experience and feedback that this community gives us. As a writer, that is so valuable and as an artist it's beyond satisfying.
Thank you Tracy and Melissa, and thank you Wolfville for giving us a place to be us three.