We're a week before a brand spanking new production and I'm a bit anxious and excited at the same time. It's always scary to put a piece of yourself out in the world but I'm really proud of this show. In the past, I've written about family's and relationships and fighting stereotypes-but this show deals with some much larger issues that are really relevant to my part of the world right now. Its got a bit more meat than shows in the past, but it's still got a lot of quirky characters and relatable relationships that has always been in my wheelhouse.

There have been a lot of changes for Edalene this year and some were not easy. But this show shines because of its growing pains and I am proud of where we've ended up. Melissa's music perfectly aligned with the feel of this show and the choreography that Alexa has brought to the table is really fantastic.

I hope you'll come out and support our new musical and wish it well as it develops a life of its own-as all shows tend to do.

Edalene Theatre presents a new original musical. When a big time business man wants to put up a resort on the sleepy island of Donovan, everyone thinks it will be awesome...at first. It soon becomes apparent that the hotel will threaten the school, the magical forest area called "Lauren's Vale" and the very way of life for the islanders. What will they do? How much would you be willing to give up in the name of progress? With a wild cast of unique islanders, earnest children, and lots of complicated interpersonal relationships, this shows offers phenomenal and catchy new music, lots of laughs, fantastic dancing and a whole lot of heart.
Written and Directed by Kerri Leier (JUMP! and A Brand New Year) with music, lyrics and musical direction by Melissa Vidito (A Brand New Year) and featuring brand new choreographer Alexa Ewert- this show is absolutely must for the whole family. 
The show runs February 5th-8th at the Al Whittle Theatre with shows at 7:30pm from the 5th-7th and 2:30 and 7:30 on the 8th.

Children under 16-$10.00 
Adult-$12.00 pre-ordered, or $15.00 at the door 
Groups of 4-$45.00 

Tickets can be purchased by calling 
697-2515 or emailing