Last Sunday I got to revisit some great camp memories as the cast of Little Mermaid got together to watch their dvd. It was a fantastic event and it was really fun to see the kids enjoying their performances. Their excitement was really rewarding and I can't thank Kristy enough for her hard work on their video. 

This week I've started working on my School's musical-an adaptation of the film 10 Things I Hate About You. There have been some hiccups but there is something exciting about seeing kids I work with everyday really shine and explore themselves through theatre. It made me so inspired I actually wrote some lyrics for a script I'm working on with a friend. Who knows if these will get used, but I haven't written in this way in a long time and it felt good. These words kept floating around my head and I had to get them out.

All of this has gotten me so excited for my show which starts rehearsal this weekend. Even though I've worked with almost all the cast before, it's many of their first times working with an original script of Edalene's-it's very exciting and also scary. I can hardly wait to see how things play out!