Camp is over and I have a bit of the blues! What an amazing experience it was this year. To top everything off, we got to work along side some amazing people-Roy,Alexa,Sarah,Alice, Cole and Kristy. I wanted to talk about Kristy in this post because of all the work she's doing for us and because of who she is.
Kristy Taylor is putting together a promotional video about camp to help us advertise and also filmed the production this year. She was in interviewing kids, us and capturing camp. I have to say, it was amazing having her around. She became part of the camp staff and her warm and nurturing nature allowed her to capture some behind the scenes moments that normally go unseen. I can not thank her enough...and the promo is simply fabulous! She's an amazing person and we are lucky to know her and also call her a friend.
Over the next few weeks I hope to be posting lots of camp photos, but for now....enjoy this amazing promo and if you have an event you want to capture-you have to get Kristy!