Welcome! Thanks for coming by – we are always happy to get a visit from long-time fans, company members and new friends.  Edalene is dedicated to producing theatre that inspires, entertains and gives youth and community members a chance to perform high-quality multiage shows. If you want to take part, please check out our upcoming auditions.

*If you have interested in producing one of our original productions-please contact me. Both Jump! and Rumours make excellent high school and community shows and both had sold out runs in Canada and overseas!

Upcoming Shows And Auditions

 AUDITION FOR Our 2018 Production of the Hit Musical

Set in a dystopic future where original music has been outlawed and the only sound is digital-a rebellious boy, Galileo Figaro and bohemian girl, Scaramouche strive to restore original music and defy the Killer Queen, with the help of other Bohemians.

We are looking for chorus members as well as actors for the following roles:

Killer Queen – The villain of the musical, she rules over iPlanet with an iron fist.                                   

Brit (alternately Paris, Duff, Vic and J.B.) – Brit, short for Britney Spears, is the main male Bohemian rebel.

Oz, Ozzy – Oz, short for Ozzy, is the main female Bohemian.

 Pop (alternately Polo, Bap, DJ, Buddy) – An elderly librarian trying to figure out the "exact date the music died".

Other Bohemians – The other Bohemians have constantly changing names following media trends.

The GaGa's-The People who follow the rules in iPlanet

Auditions will be September 24th, rehearsals on Sundays and show in late March. Please contact Kerri to book your audition!

Theatre Classes

Our classes will be starting up in September, check out the line up here to see what types of classes we offer.  

Past Productions

Check out our past productions, view pictures and see posters . We have grown a lot and invite you to join us for this journey. 


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 Director: Kerri Leier